Trying various CMS(s) with my Jekyll website

07 Sep 2021 - Krona Emmanuel

Alright, so tbh, I kinda hate Jekyll, it just seems too old. I guess Eleventy, Hugo, Gatsby are way better for generating static websites. But anyways, I came to Jekyll because I wanted to experience something other than javascript.

In my last post, I discovered that I couldn’t easily put images etc. into my blogpost and hence was unable to explain or show some things that I would have wanted to. So to solve that issue, I tried three things.


Contentful is a service which allows you to manage a headless CMS which your static site generator (such as Jekyll) can use to pull in data. I found the following useful links about how I could use Contentful with my website, however, I eventually gave up on trying to use it.

  1. Katie Kodes’ article
  2. Contentful’s jekyll plugin

Netlify CMS

The great Netlify had way better docs and guidance than Contentful, but I didn’t wanna switch over my blog to netlify because I was already using it for some other websites and wanted to get more accustomed to Github Pages and Github Actions. Here are some useful links tho:

  1. Netlify CMS Jekyll Docs
  2. Netfliy CMS General Add to Site Docs

Jekyll Admin

After trying my luck with both CMSs above, I remembered that I had come across Jekyll Admin repo when I was browsing the Jekyll organization on github once. So I decided to give it a go. It seems pretty simple to use and also fulfills all my requirements. Although there is one requirement that I want to still test. Does it allow me to put in images without any effort? Let’s test it rn.

And no, we can’t add it easilly. So I guess this whole thing was a failure. Follow me for more disappointing experiences like this 🥲