Making Github Actions Work

26 Aug 2021 - Krona Emmanuel

After finishing my tailwind blogpost yesterday, I realized that it didn’t actually publish and that my github action setup to deploy the websitewasn’t working. I had followed the guide on Jekyll’s own website to make the github action, but it wasn’t working.

I quickly realized that the action I had created didn’t support npm or Node. So I had to set that up myself, after trying it and failing too many times, I finally hit a vein of gold. I found this issue by a lovely person named DavidUnzue. He was facing the exact same issue that I was facing, so I’m not describe the issue in detail here. Anyways, someone else and him had figured out how to solve it. And I followed his advice of using a different github action and also running npm install before it. And voila! My github action started working! You can check out the github action history before the linked action to see all the times I failed. 15 times to be exact.

Anyways, I realized that I had much to learn about github actions, and even more to learn about docker.